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Why us?

Our Investment Fund model gives you access to multiple projects with a single, accessible investment.

Advantages of investing with us

We are the ideal vehicle for investors interested in diversifying their portfolio.

1. Attractive returns: Our returns are risk adjusted and are competitive.

2. Multi-layer diversification: We invest in 12-18 projects that span multiple categories in different geographical areas.

3. Diversification in a single investment: Our fund model lets you participate in multiple investment projects with one accessible capital investment.

4. Lower volatility versus the stock market: With Crestera Capital your investment is more stable and less volatile than investments made in the stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ, among others).

5. Hands-free approach: Our team oversees the preservation and growth of your capital. This means you are free to enjoy this worry-free approach.


We carefully select the best projects with the objective of a balanced portfolio that provides our investors with risk-adjusted attractive returns.

Trinity Equity Fund 1

Our “Trinity” fund focuses on Commercial Real Estate projects in Operating Companies in the United States.

*Operating companies are medium-sized companies, which generate annual profits at the time of acquisition of between 2M and 10M dollars, and that require expansion capital to capitalize on their high growth potential.


Trust and project curation: Only the best of the best

The Crestera Capital® investment committee carefully selects the best projects presented by Trinity Investors and chooses the projects with the highest performance potential from an elite list of projects.

Join our exclusive group of investors

Business model

At Trinity Investors, its business model focuses on presenting its investors with individual investment opportunities.


Management development company that detects the opportunity and executes the project. Sometimes with a specific investment thesis.


They select which project they decide to invest in from those presented by Trinity. Usually the investment is between 50 thousand and 300 thousand dollars.

Trinity Investors

Raise capital by presenting your clients with investment opportunities. Creates a Joint Venture with the sponsor and has the ability to supervise the project.


Company that connects sponsors with Trinity-type companies that specialize in raising capital (example: CBRE).


Investment opportunity. It may be an acquisition or development in some category of real estate or an operating business.



More than 200 investment projects successfully closed.


$6.88 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM).


$1,237 million dollars in returns distributed to investors to date.

Business model

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Attractive Returns

Our target returns are risk-adjusted and highly competitive.


Returns free of fees and commissions.

Note: returns before taxes.

Investment categories

Operating companies

Housing development and housing


Mixed use

Retirement homes





Attractive Returns

Our target returns are risk-adjusted and highly competitive.

Returns free of fees and commissions.

Note: returns before taxes.

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